Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Sense for our New Little Hero (Journal # 3)

Last night, I was working in the office in the basement, and Zach was watching his and my favorite summer show out in the family room..."America's Got Talent." He was previewing the acts that we had tivo'ed earlier that evening. Whenever there was a good act, he would call me to come out of the office and watch it with him. It was way past his bedtime, and I came out and said it was time to go upstairs to bed. Zach said he thought he saw a preview of a little kid he wanted to watch, and asked if he could fast forward it to that spot and we could watch him and then go to bed. I sat down next to him as he scanned to the very last act of the show.

It was a little boy named Daniel Militello. We quickly found out the little boy was 9, as Zach hit play right where the boy started to perform. The judges asked a few questions, but there was something all too familiar about the way he spoke. The tone, the expression, the manner in which he delivered his answer to someone he did not know sounded like something I knew. We listened to the adorable performance.

When it was done, the judges put him through to Vegas. I asked Zach to rewind it to the part before his performance, because I had a sense that they did a bio of him or that there was more to his story than his beautiful voice. Sure enough, my sense was right. Zach and I just looked at each other. Zach reminded me that Sam sang all the time too before he spoke words that we could understand, at about 3 years of age also.

We didn't say much more after that. Zach went upstairs to wait for me to do our bedtime routine, and I sat on the couch, confirmed by my sense of who the little boy was, and rewarded with the sense that Daniel would show America his gift. We all have hero's. My boys and husband are mine. Daniel is one also, because our family knows how much hard work goes into doing what Daniel did last night. We know the hours, years, of speech therapy, occupational therapy, home therapy, special education and others to get our children to do what comes naturally to most. Daniel made it look natural, sweet and innocent. A hero he is, for what it took to go out there and perform, and we are all a little better, brighter, aware and thankful for that.

This clip above includes information about Daniel and then his performance.

This clip above is only the performance clip, but clearer from NBC.

Sometimes we have a sense about things. I had an incredible sense that this talented little boy was more than an adorable 9 year old. I had a sense that Autism was a part of the equation. We have that sense because of our previous knowledge or experience. Sometimes, I think we give credit to ourselves, because of our knowledge, instead of giving credit to the one who knows us best. For when we let our life go, and be led by God...our sense of purpose and who we are will become even more clearer. With a sense of clarity, then our true hero is revealed in God. With God as my ultimate hero, I thank Him for quiet times alone with each of my boys, I thank him for shared interests that I am able to have with each child. Even if Zach and I love "couch potato" shows and time together, I can give thanks for the moments we share.

For he has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son he loves - Col 1:13