Thursday, April 23, 2009

Just in time..

It is out...JUST IN TIME. Another blogging mother, Laura Shumaker, is offering her beautiful book, entitled A Regular Guy, Growing Up With Autism at a reduced rate during Autism Awareness Month (April).

We have been going through a dark time with Zachman. As we prepare for the tween years, I think that is what is beginning to complicate things more for our Asperger's journey together. I am sure the hormones effect things, but so does the distinction of where Zach really is socially among his peers. His frustrations add to his behaviors at home. It all makes for a challenging mix many days.

I am out of all of my tricks in the hat for some of our challenges that we have at times. I have tried placing the different hats from my life on, to figure out what we need to do. The teacher hat is low on modifications at home, the mom hat is feeling a tad bit weary, but what hat have I been forgetting about?

How could I forget? My faith hat is what must be tied on tight to my big fat head right now. God sent me a sign from a friend today, who revealed this book by another Laura I have followed in the blogosphere over time. I didn't see it on my own, but just as my candle starts to dim, just as I am needing that second wind....I am drawn to read yet another Autism book that brings hope...JUST IN TIME.

A Twist of Faith
Just when it seems we lose our way, we are blessed with friendships who reveal new inspirations to keep us going. For me it comes in the way of a book to motivate and quit feeling sorry for myself. It truly amazes me how God sends things our way. For me it felt like...JUST IN TIME...but for God we always know...that in is in HIS TIME.
"Your heavenly Father already knows all your needs, and he will give you all you need from day to day if you live for him and make the Kingdom of God your primary concern."~Matthew 6:32-33


John said...

This faith reflection on raising a child with Asberger's might be helpful, too:

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John~ Thanks!

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Please touch base with us. We'd like to share your story on